Michael and Edwina

Michael and Edwina were married at Merne on a beautiful Spring day in November 2019. With a love for quality food and wine, a love of the outdoors, and a running joke about olives… they couldn’t go past Merne as their wedding venue!

How would you describe yourselves and what inspired your style of wedding?

We wanted a natural, relaxed wedding that still felt like a big, fun, family fiesta that reflected who we are as individuals, and collectively. Easy going, a bit quirky, always up for a laugh and family-centred.

What were you looking for in a wedding venue?

We were looking for something unique, something to support local businesses, and a friendly professional team that would be part of our exciting journey. Having a love for quality food and wine, a love of the outdoors, and a running joke about olives… we couldn’t go past Merne. It ticked every box, and so appropriately priced. We wanted value for our money and Merne absolutely delivered in every way.

What made you choose Merne?

Beautiful surroundings, peaceful environment, incredible food, Caleb and the team, being able to have a laugh throughout the organising process, having help and ideas when we weren’t sure what to do. Every experience we have had at Merne, as a restaurant, solidified this was the place. Fun, fresh, bespoke, friendly and feels like you’ve known Caleb and Jess for ages as soon as you meet them!

How would you describe the process of planning your wedding at Merne?

Surprisingly easy. Jess and Caleb were so incredibly helpful every single step of the way. They suggested fantastic vendors to help make our day extra special. They were so accommodating for some things we wanted to do a bit differently to the ‘traditional’ wedding plans. Every interaction with Merne (personally and feedback from our vendors) was calm, friendly, professional and fun. Even the day before our outdoor wedding when it was hailing, contingency plans were so clearly detailed and communicated, keeping as many of the special “us” requests included. They made us feel safe, supported and taken care of as a couple – not a number.

Was there a highlight from your wedding day you would like to share?

The entire day was absolutely magical! I could not fault a single thing. The service was phenomenal. The food was exquisite. The decorations were perfect. We didn’t have a care in the world on the day – everything was completely taken care of (even to the point Jess made sure that we ate throughout the night while having an absolute ball of a time!)

Any final words you would like to share about your experience planning a wedding at Merne?

We can speak nothing but praise, gratitude and respect for Caleb and his entire team. It was the most wonderful experience from day 1, to the days following the wedding! The professionalism, the organisation, the support, and the laughs. It is a truely a memory that both of us, and our family and friends, will truly cherish. Interstate family now request we go to dinner at Merne whenever they visit!


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