Merne at your Doorstep is still available for pick up

Now that the doors to Merne are wide open and we are welcoming guests back to the venue, our “Merne at your doorstep” menu is still available but for a pick up service only at 6pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

All you need to do is call on (03) 52515541, choose your two main courses, pay over the phone and we will have you 7 course feast waiting for you to take to your home.

When: Friday & Saturday Evenings at 6PM

Cost $65pp

Phone (03)52515541

Email [email protected]


Olives from the grove, fennel, lemon

Jamon, pea, mint, brik pastry

Pickled carrot, shanklish, shitake, sesame

SHARED MAINS (choice of two per order)

Kohlrabi, pickled beetroot, snow pea, wattleseed, macadamia

Pork, jerusalem artichoke, red cabbage, sage, pepita, mustard sauce

Beef brisket, brussels sprout, turnip, barberry, preserved lemon


Quinoa, cauliflower, charred leek, maple, sunflower seed


Cheesecake, mandarin, macadamia, yogurt

Doorstep Menu   | 65pp

Winter 2020




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